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Hayden Majajas

A Multi-Faceted Approach in Japan


Governments - must tackle community development issues (even in a country like Japan) together with promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns so that it becomes possible to lower HIV prevalence.



Big Movers - important workers in the community, those in positions of power and influence must decide to become the so-called 'champions' in the cause against HIV/AIDS in getting people together, enabling communication and also action for a wider response to HIV/AIDS.



Institutions - that exist need to be utilised and likewise many more institutions (including NGO's) need to be created and empowered with mandates to undertake sustained activities over a long period of time.



Public - support in the fight against AIDS should be built on sharing information, knowledge and understanding.



In this challenge political will and commitment is essential. Stabilizing infection levels is not enough. There is a fear of disclosure. There is a lack of community-based support. There is a need for funding. There is a necessity for political commitment for treatment for HIV-positive people.



Prevention campaigns can give people access to condoms and knowledge about protecting themselves, But without solid mandate they will remain susceptible to infection. Condom distribution programs alone are of little use without addressing the factors of disempowerment,



For example regarding the issues of Gay men, and MSM programs and measures to empower men and increase their role are probably just as important an HIV intervention as a national AIDS awareness campaign.


Breaking Down Barriers in Melbourne - a report by Hayden Majajas

The theme of this conference was 'BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS' but I have a feeling many barriers remain intact. One of these is the barrier separating the community from the so-called 'professionals'. Almost half of the sessions that were scheduled for the ICAAP were cancelled or at least only half of the presenters turned up. I am sure that this was a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks in the US, and the resulting fear of many to travel overseas.

今回のICAAPのテーマは'BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS'だった。しかし会議が終わって今 になって気づいたのはまだまだいくつかのバリアがあるとのこと。予定していた半分 ぐらいのセッションはキャンセルされて、もしくはプレゼンター数が半分になったと か。これはきっと9月11日米テロ事件の影響だと思い、たくさんの方々にとって海外 に旅立つのが恐かったのではないか?


I made an effort to attend some sessions in the 'Clinical' track, for example one session in particular that was supposed to offer one of the most important findings of the Congress; that of a HIV vaccine. This was one of the few sessions that was covered by local and international media (CNN and etc) however less than 20% of the seats were filled! I wonder why the lack of interest in this area. I am sure that the information presented is available through other sources but I think one of the main reasons for the ICAAP is to meet with and talk with the presenters first-hand to gather information that might not normally be available.

普通参加しないクリニカル・トラックのセッションにいくつか参加するように努力を した。その中特にHIVと戦うみんなの注目を集まりそうな「HIVワクチン」というセッ ションに参加した。地方の取材班やCNNクルーがカメラを運んで来て、ICAAPにとって 最もBIGなセッションだったはずが、80%ぐらいの席があいていた!とても不思議に 思った。このセッションで発表された情報は確かにインターネットなどを通せば手に 入る(結局近頃どんな情報も手に入るから別にこのセッションに限るコメントではな い)から参加しなくても後日発表の内容がわかる。しかしICAAPのような国際会議の 特徴は「貴重な体験」ということ。普段会えない専門家を含めて様々な方々に会え て、普段聞くこともできない質問することもできて、その1対1という滅多にできな いコミュニケーション。


That night on CNN I watched the international news in anticipation for the story. When it came on the message was "... lack of interest in ICAAP findings..." I was surprised at the story but not surprised really, because it was true.

夜CNNを見てみるとやっぱりICAAPのコーナーがあった。「世界が注目するワクチン」 のスとリーがあったが、「参加の少ないICAAP…」というメッセージが放送された。 ちょっと驚きだけど、そのままだった。


In comparison to this I attended over 8 sessions related to MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) issues. At every one of these sessions there was not a single spare seat. In fact, there were many people sitting along the walls and also in the aisles. And the comments following each presentation were many and well thought through. I was not surprised at the interest in these sessions but I admired the passion expressed by the presenters and participants in these sessions.

もう一方でMSM(男性同性間性行為者)関係のセッションに8つぐらい参加した。僕が 参加した全てのセッションは満席だった。しかも途中から来たたくさんの人たちはう しろの方に座ったり、通路に座ったり、どこにでも座っていた。発表が終わると参加 者から多くのコメントがあって、とてもいい議論ができた。こういったセッションの 参加数には驚かなかったが、参加した人たちのPASSIONに(いい意味で)驚いた。


I am not trying to say that those involved with MSM issues are more passionate than those involved with other issues, but clearly at this ICAAP clinical issues did not raise the interest of participants compared to other issues.

他のセッションと比べてMSMのセッションに参加する人はより積極的だとは言ってい ない。クリニカル・トラックのセッションに比べて、コミュニティー関係のセッショ ンの方が注目を集まり、貴重な議論となっていた。


The ICAAP held in Melbourne was also a time for me to present the findings of the most recent joint study undertaken in Malaysia, Japan and Australia. The paper that I presented was collated from data obtained via extensive surveys of youth in the three countries mentioned. They highlight factors surrounding the sex life of individuals who participated, in particular those dealing with issues of safer and unsafe sex.

今回のICAAPに僕には研究成果を発表する機会が与えてくれた。去年マレーシア、 オーストラリアと日本で実施した共同プロジェクトの発表だった。上記の国で若者 (ユース)の集まる場所に細かいアンケートを実施していて、セックスなどについて のデータを集めた。この3カ国に関するユースの性生活やUnsafeセックスに繋ぐリス クについてのデータを発表した。


Presenting this paper was helpful in wrapping up the project and also in preparing for the next study to be undertaken 2002-2003. Valuable input was provided by those who participated in the session, and further advice was offered by the facilitators of the session. This session was also utilised to announce the start of community outreach projects aimed to the youth in Australia and Malaysia beginning in 2002. This definitely highlights the power of the community in breaking down barriers to work together with local authorities.

発表後たくさん参加してくれた人たちは積極的に僕に質問をして、そして役に立つア ドバイスをたくさんくれた。次のプロジェクトにそのアドバイスを利用する。その データを元にマレーシアやオーストラリアで厚生省がそれぞれ現地の団体と共同対策 プロジェクトを2002年から開始することもICAAPで発表された。このプロジェクトに 力を入れた僕はそのニュースを聞いて嬉しかった。バリアを倒すのにコミュニティー 機関が積極的に動いて行政に影響を与えたことはとても大切だと思う。


I can only hope that the same kind of thing will happen at the next ICAAP; that many community based organizations will be able to present the results of their projects and campaigns, and many more will be able to rally for support of future projects. I advocate for this at the next ICAAP to be held in Kobe in 2003.

次のICAAPで同じようなコミュニティー・ベースの様々な団体が研究やプロジェクト の成果を発表できること、もしくは、そのフォーラムを使ってサポートを集めること ができればと思い、神戸で開かれるICAAPスタッフのみんなを応援しながら、強くこ れを願う。